FINE CHEMICALS 1003-5214 2023 40 6 article 聚集誘導發光3-溴-5-吡唑甲酰胺類藍光材料的潛指紋識別應用 Blue emitting 3-bromo-5-pyrazolamide material with aggregation-induced emission for latent fingerprint detection 以3-溴- (3-氯吡啶基)吡唑-5-甲酰氯和4-(3,6-二叔丁基咔唑)苯胺為原料,合成了一種D–π–A構型的藍光N-[4-(3,6-二叔丁基咔唑)苯基]-3-溴-(3-氯-2-吡啶基)-5-吡唑甲酰胺(化合物1),利用紫外可見吸收光譜、熒光發射光譜、動態光散射等對化合物1的聚集誘導發光(AIE)和光物理性質進行測試。結合密度泛函理論計算結果表明,化合物1具有分子內的電荷轉移性質,與其溶劑化效應相一致?;衔?的熒光量子產率隨著分子的聚集不斷增大〔Φ(二氯甲烷)=60.1%;Φ(粉末)=67.5%;Φ(晶體)=70.2%〕。在乙腈和水的混合溶液中,隨著水的體積分數的不斷增加,化合物1表現出優良的AIE性質。晶體化合物1最大發射波長 (λmax) 為439 nm,處于藍光發射區域。相比于晶體狀態,粉末狀態化合物1的λmax發生17 nm紅移。此外,化合物1可以對潛指紋進行精準識別包括一級結構,二級結構,甚至三級結構,同時對老化指紋也具有較好的識別效果。 A new blue emitting 3-bromo-(3-chloropyridinyl)-N-[4-(3,6-ditertbutylcarbazolyl)phenyl]- pyrazole-5-carboxamide (compound 1) with D-π-A type was designed and synthesized by using 3-bromo-(3-chloropyridinyl)pyrazole-5-carbonyl chloride and 4-(3,6-ditertbutylcarbazolyl)aniline. Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) and photophysical properties of compound 1 were tested by UV-vis absorption spectrum, fluorescence emission spectra and dynamic light scattering. Based on density-functional theory calculation, compound 1 shows intramolecular charge transfer property, agreeing with its solvent effect. Quantum yield of the compound increased with molecular aggregation 〔Φ(DCM)=60.1%; Φ(powder) = 67.5%; Φ(crystal) = 70.2%〕. Notably, compound 1 exhibited good AIE properties with increasing water fraction in the mixture solution of acetonitrile and water. The maximum emission wavelength (λmax) of crystal compound 1 is 439 nm, which is blue emission. Compared with the crystal state, λmax of compound 1 in powder is redshifted by 17 nm. In addition, compound 1 can accurately detect latent fingerprints including the first level, the second level and even the third level, and also has a good recognition effect on the aged fingerprints. 聚集誘導發光;D-π-A型分子;藍光發射;潛指紋識別 AIE; D-π-A-typed molecule; blue emission; latent fingerprint detection 宋忠明,龐玉東,毛月圓,張玉洋,林志強,張子俊 SONG Zhongming,PANG Yudong,MAO Yueyuan,ZHANG Yuyang,LIN Zhiqiang and ZHANG Zijun 1.安徽科技學院 化學與材料工程學院;2.安徽省石英砂純化與光伏玻璃工程研究中心;3.安徽秀朗新材料科技有限公司 1.College of Chemistry and Materials Engineering,Anhui Science and Technology University,Anhui Bengbu;2.Anhui Province Quartz Sand Purification and Photovoltaic Glass Engineering Research Center, Anhui Bengbu;3.Anhui Sholon New Material Technology Co,Ltd,Anhui Chuzhou jxhg/article/abstract/202210200964
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