FINE CHEMICALS 1003-5214 2023 40 8 article 酞菁類盤狀液晶材料研究進展 Research progress of discoid liquid crystals based on phthalocyanines 擁有大環π電子高度共軛結構的酞菁(Pc)核,具備自組裝的潛在特征,且在可見光區域具有強吸收。經修飾改性的酞菁衍生物被應用于液晶顯示、太陽能電池、非線性光學等光電材料中,其中液晶相行為影響材料性能方面更引人關注。通過修飾酞菁核可以改變液晶相行為,最具有代表性的修飾是酞菁核中心空腔陽離子配位和外圍添加取代基團。經修飾改性的酞菁衍生物柱狀自組裝趨勢明顯,盤狀中間相易形成,共軛層之間電子的傳輸能力得到增強,具備了作為光電材料基本性質。本文綜述了近十幾年來酞菁衍生物盤狀液晶材料的研究進展,分析總結了酞菁核的結構修飾對其液晶性能影響之間的構效關系,最后進一步對酞菁衍生物盤狀液晶在高性能材料合成方面存在缺陷和研究方向進行了展望。 Phthalocyanine (Pc) core with large ring π electron highly conjugated structure has the potential characteristics of self-assembly and has strong absorption in the visible light region. Modified phthalocyanine derivatives have been used in liquid crystal display, solar cells, nonlinear optics and other optoelectronic materials. The behavior of the liquid crystal phase can be changed by modifying the phthalocyanine core. The most representative modification is the central cavity cation coordination of the phthalocyanine core and the addition of a peripheral substituent group. The modified phthalocyanine derivatives have obvious column self-assembly trend, disk mesophase is easy to form, and the electron transmission ability between conjugated layers is enhanced, so they have the basic properties as photoelectric materials. In this paper, the research progress of phthalocyanine derivative discotic liquid crystal materials in the past decade is reviewed, and the structure-activity relationship between the structure modification of phthalocyanine core and its liquid crystal properties is analyzed and summarized. Finally, the defects and research directions of phthalocyanine derivative discoid liquid crystals in the synthesis of high-performance materials are prospected. 酞菁核;酞菁衍生物;盤狀液晶;修飾;構效關系 Phthalocyanine nucleus; phthalocyanine derivative; modification discoid liquid crystals; modification; structure-activity relationship 王桂霞,殷宇通,王佳偉,張林峰,周超,孔翔飛 WANG Guixia,YIN Yutong,WANG Jiawei,ZHANG Linfeng,ZHOU Chao and KONG Xiangfei 桂林理工大學 化學與生物工程學院 College of Chemistry and Biological Engineering,Guilin University of Technology jxhg/article/abstract/202210310989
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