FINE CHEMICALS 1003-5214 2023 40 7 article 甜玉米芯多糖納米乳涂膜保鮮技術研究 Study on Preservation Technology of Sweet Corn Cob Polysaccharide Nanoemulsion Coating 以甜玉米芯多糖和殼聚糖為涂膜原料,以甘油、阿拉伯膠為增稠劑,制備成多糖基復合涂膜,以涂膜拉伸強度為指標確定殼聚糖與乙酸比例1:100、阿拉伯膠的質量濃度0.15 g/mL、殼聚糖溶液與阿拉伯膠溶液的比例1:2、甘油添加量1.8 mL、甜玉米芯多糖納米乳添加量1.2 mL,采用響應面優化配方最后制備的甜玉米芯多糖基涂膜拉伸強度達到92.37±2.07 KPa。并將涂膜運用于千禧果、金錢橘、葡萄的保鮮處理,進行保鮮效果的研究,以水果的腐敗率、失重率、水果的顏色色差、多酚含量、可滴定酸、可溶性固形物為評價指標,采用主成分分析得知PC1和PC2的累計方差貢獻率為92.353%。說明涂膜對水果保鮮具有一定效果,為甜玉米芯多糖納米乳在涂膜保鮮方面的應用進一步提供理論依據,可為后續研究提供一些可行性支持。 Using sweet corncob polysaccharide and chitosan as coating materials, glycerol and gum arabic as thickeners, a polysaccharide-based composite coating film was prepared. The tensile strength of the coating film was used as an indicator to determine the ratio of chitosan to acetic acid 1:100, the mass concentration of gum arabic 0.15 g/mL, the ratio of chitosan solution to gum arabic solution 1:2, the amount of glycerol added 1.8 mL, and the amount of sweet corncob polysaccharide nano emulsion added 1.2 mL.The sweet corncob polysaccharide-based coating film prepared by the response surface optimization formula has a tensile strength of 92.37±2.07 KPa.The coating film was applied to the preservation of Millennium fruit, kumquat and grape, and the preservation effect was studied. The spoilage rate, weight loss rate, color difference, polyphenol content, titratable acid and soluble solids of fruit were used as evaluation indexes. Principal component analysis showed that the cumulative variance contribution rate of PC1 and PC2 was 92.353% . It showed that the coating has a certain effect on fruit preservation, which provides a theoretical basis for the application of sweet corncob polysaccharide nano emulsion in coating preservation, and can provide some feasible support for subsequent research. 甜玉米芯多糖;納米乳;殼聚糖;涂膜保鮮 Sweet corn cob polysaccharide;Nano emulsion;Chitosan;coating preservation 王鑫,羅鈺,修偉業,遇世友,周卓,田夢甜,馬永強 WANG Xin,LUO Yu,XIU Wei-ye,YU Shi-you,ZHOU Zhuo,TIAN Meng-tian and MA Yong-qiang 哈爾濱商業大學 食品工程學院 Heilongjiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Cereal and Comprehensive Processing of Cereal Resources,College of Food Engineering,Harbin University of Commerce,Harbin jxhg/article/abstract/202211041002
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